Vendor: LDO

Orbiter V2 Filament Sensor V2.2 - LDO

SKU: LDO-Pt-OrbiterV2-FilaSen
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For: 1.75 mm filament

Note: Adding this filament runout sensor will require modifying your printers firmware, please read the Orbiter Filament Sensor Summary (information regarding firmware is towards the bottom of the page) and make sure you are comfortable with the process before ordering.


Filament Runout sensing
Filament auto loading
Button for filament unload

LED Status indicator:

Red - no filament loaded
Green - Filament loaded
Orange - Unload button has been pressed (only with filament loaded)


Filament Sensor (1 pcs)
Housing (OS2) SLS printed in nylon (1 pcs)
M3 Nut (2 pcs)
M3x20 Screws (2 pcs)
M3 Washer (4 pcs)
D6 Ball (2 pcs)
Wiring harness (1 pcs)