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As 3D Printing Technology Soars, Precision Reigns Supreme

With the rapid advancement of 3D printing technology, precision in every step—from prototype design to final product manufacturing—has never been more vital. In this domain of relentless innovation, one brand has made a name for itself with revolutionary progress: Bondtech. As a leading supplier of 3D printing technology in Taiwan, we take pride in bringing Bondtech to the local market, offering unparalleled printing solutions to a vast array of creators and manufacturers.

Swedish Mastery in Material Extrusion

Swedish-based Bondtech is globally recognized as a pioneer in 3D printing extrusion technology, they develops, designs and manufactures unique dual drive extruders that eliminate the risk of grinding, slipping, filament deformation and under extrusion.

Since its inception, the brand has been laser-focused on addressing the material feeding challenges in 3D printing and has successfully developed multiple patented technologies to enhance printing efficiency and quality. This has not only earned Bondtech international acclaim but also allows us to provide world-class products and support to our Taiwanese customers.

The Bondtech Advantage

  • Innovative Design: Renowned for its relentless pursuit of new design philosophies, Bondtech is committed to continuous R&D, ensuring its products remain at the forefront of performance and reliability.
  • High-Quality Manufacturing: Leveraging advanced manufacturing technologies and strict quality control procedures, with most components produced in-house, Bondtech ensures that each product meets the highest standards, famous for its durability and long-term performance.
  • Professional Extrusion System: The patented dual drive gear system is one hallmark of Bondtech’s ingenuity, delivering formidable thrust and exceptional grip, suitable for a wide range of printing materials.
  • User Experience: Placing a high emphasis on user experience, Bondtech's products are known for their ease of installation and use, complemented by comprehensive tutorials to help customers achieve optimal printing results.
  • Global Recognition: Bondtech boasts a worldwide customer base, from professional 3D printing enthusiasts to corporate clients, earning widespread trust in the international market.
  • Community Support: Globally, Bondtech hosts an active community that not only shares usage tips and printing outcomes but also offers a platform for exchange and collaboration among 3D printing aficionados and professionals.
  • Customer-Centric: Always prioritizing customer needs, Bondtech strives to create solutions that meet customer demands and expectations, including custom extruder assemblies and personalized services.

LGX eXtruder - The Reigning Champion of Versatility and High Performance

The Bondtech LGX extruder stands as one of the most innovative extrusion technologies available on the market. It is explicitly designed to handle a variety of flexible materials, including the high-elasticity TPU that traditional extruders struggle with.

Dual Drive Extrusion Technology and Tension Control Lever

The LGX eXtruder (Large Gear eXtruder) is the first product to feature a filament tensioning mechanism, including an easy-to-use control lever, allowing users to release the tension entirely or switch quickly between different presets of tensions with high repeatability, without needing fine adjustment. Paired with its innovative dual drive technology, the LGX delivers fail-safe grip, while also ensuring unparalleled precision in material feeding, leading to unprecedented print accuracy.

Effortlessly Handles Both Soft and Hard Materials

The LGX extruder is not only suitable for common materials like PLA and ABS but also excels in handling flexible materials like TPU. It can quickly switch between multiple presets of tension, easily managing a wide range of 3D printing materials, from soft to rigid.

Modular Design

The LGX extruder features a highly modular design, compatible with numerous 3D printers, providing users with the flexibility of choice and space for upgrades.

LGX eXtruder Lineups

  • LGX Pro eXtruder: Working temperature up to 100ºC; high torquel; 6 tension presets, compatible with filaments hardness above ≈60a.
  • LGX eXtruderWorking temperature up to 70ºC; standard torque; 6 tension presets, compatible with filament hardness above ≈60a.
  • LGX Lite eXtruderLight weight and compact design; 3 tension presets, compatible with filament hardness above ≈90a.

CHT Nozzle - High-Flow Excellence Stemming from Efficient Material Heating and Melting

The Bondtech CHT high-flow nozzle elevates print speed to new heights. With its unique internal geometry dramatically increasing the melting capacity, this nozzle manages to output material at high efficiency even at low temperatures. Whether it's rapid prototyping or mass production, the CHT nozzle meets the need while maintaining exquisite printing details, effectively resolving the trade-off between speed and quality.

CHT Nozzle Lineups

  • CHT Brass Nozzle: Nickel-coated brass for maximum heat conductivity.
  • CHT BiMetal Nozzle: For printing abbrasive filaments. Copper with hardened steel insert. Nickel-coated.

Click here to check the full CHT lineup.
* Compatibility: M6 (RepRap), MK8 (Creality), VOL (Volcano)

Combining the Strengths of the LGX eXtruder and CHT Nozzle

Pairing the LGX extruder with the CHT high-flow nozzle is akin to fitting your 3D printer with a supercharger. These products not only complement each other but also work in unison, merging the stability of material supply with the demands of high-speed printing, effectively reducing incidence rates during the printing process and significantly improving output efficiency.

Creating the Future with Bondtech

In the realm of 3D printing, innovation is key to driving the future forward. Bondtech's products are meticulously designed to offer an unparalleled printing experience. With overwhelming success around the world, we are committed to continuing the provision of top-tier 3D printing solutions and stand ready to assist you in overcoming any printing challenge. Ready to elevate your 3D printing capabilities to a new level? Connect with us to discover more about the Bondtech LGX extruder and CHT high-flow nozzle. As a distributor in Taiwan, we are fully prepared to provide you with expert advice and exceptional service.