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Mosquito Magnum+® Hotend - Slice Engineering

SKU: SE-He-MagnumP-175-50wPt1000
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Filament Competibility 1.75mm
Heater 50W
Temperature Sensor(s) RTD Pt1000

Mosquito Magnum+® is a high-performance hotend for 3D printers that can easily handle high-flow and high-temperature printing. Magnum+ features an extended melt zone for faster printing speeds and a high flow rate capacity, making it an ideal choice for professional and industrial 3D printing applications.

Bundle Includes:

  • Mosquito Magnum+ Hot Block
  • Mosquito Heat Break
  • Mosquito Magnum+ Heat Sink
  • Hot Block Hardware
  • Hotend Mounting Hardware
  • Hotend Wrench Set
  • Boron Nitride Thermal Paste
  • Optional Heater(s)
  • Optional Sensor(s)
  • Gourmet Orange Creamsicle Lollipop
  • Slice Engineering Sticker

    Thermally Optimized Design

    The Magnum+ hot block is significantly larger than its predecessors’, creating a longer melt zone for faster printing speeds and higher flow rate capacity. Filament directly contacts the hot block for maximum heat transfer efficiency. Additionally, the improved structural strength and tapered shape of Magnum+ make it an ideal choice for large format and non-planar printing without adding significant weight.

    Unparalleled Performance

    With a high-temperature, all-metal design, optimized melt zone geometry, and efficient cooling options, Magnum+ delivers unparalleled performance, enabling you to produce high-quality prints at impressive speeds. With the ability to print PLA up to 88 mm3/s and ABS up to 91 mm3/s, Magnum+ allows you to print faster without compromising quality.

    Highly Configurable

    Magnum+ is highly configurable and customizable to your printing needs. You can choose from air, liquid, or conduction-based cooling options to select the best cooling method for your printing environment. Magnum+ includes two heater sockets, allowing expandable heating power up to 100W. Magnum+ also features two temperature sensor sockets for safety and redundancy.

    Additional Features And Benefits

    • Compatible with RepRap style nozzles (M6 x 1.0 threads with a 7 mm thread length)
    • Compatible with the Convection Shield for Mosquito Magnum+®/Prime™
    • Rigid “roll cage” structure for One-Handed Nozzle Change™
    • Rated to 500°C
    • 100% Made in the USA

    Dimensions* 20 x 25 x 60 mm
    Mass* 73 g
    Cooling Air
    Filament Diameter 1.75 mm or 2.85 mm
    Temperature Rating 500°C
    Maximum Flow Rate Capacity** 90 mm3/s
    Nozzle Compatibility M6 x 1.0 (7 mm thread length)
    Maximum Heating Power 100 W (12 or 24 V)
    Temperature Sensor Compatibility 15 mm length, ø 3 mm
    Number of Temperature Sensors Up to 2
    Manufacturing Made in the USA


    * The dimensions and mass do not include the fans, sensors, heaters, nozzles, or convection shield
    ** Maximum average volumetric flow rates are given with increased hot block temperatures. Refer to white paper for details on the flow rate testing protocol.

    The Original Mosquito® Mosquito® Magnum Mosquito Magnum+® Mosquito® Prime™
    Max Flow Rate Capacity 25 mm3/s (112 g/hr) 30 mm3/s (134 g/hr) 90 mm3/s (402 g/hr) 116 mm3/s (516 g/hr)
    Nozzle Orifice 0.2 – 0.8 mm 0.4 – 1.2 mm 0.4 – 1.8 mm 0.8 – 1.8 mm
    Mass* 37 g 41 g 73 g 103 g
    Overall Height* 41 mm 41 mm 60 mm 88 mm
    Max Power 50 W 50 W 100 W 150 W
    Filament Size 1.75 or 2.85 mm 1.75 mm 1.75 or 2.85 mm 1.75 or 2.85 mm


    * Air-Cooled Version (1.75 mm); Mass/height includes the heat sink, heat break, & hot block