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Experience enhanced heater performance with our 50W Heater Cartridge. Elevate your printing capabilities with greater material versatility, expedited heating periods, and superior high-flow printing strength when upgrading to the robust 50W filament heating supremacy.

Expanded Material Compatibility

Embrace a broader spectrum of printing possibilities with materials such as PEEK, Nylon, and Ultem that define the cutting edge of 3D filament technology. These premium-grade filaments demand higher thermal thresholds for optimal print fidelity, which the robust output of our 50W Heater Cartridge can deliver with unwavering reliability and uniformity.

Faster Heat-up Times

With a formidable 50W power core, this heating unit propels your 3D printer to reach target temperatures with impressive alacrity, curtailing the idle time before initiating your print tasks. This boost in thermal efficiency enhances throughput and slashes cumulative print duration, empowering you to tackle both intricate prototypes and substantial models with swift operational readiness.

High-Flow Performance Enhancement

Our 50W Heater Cartridge is tailored for robust high-flow scenarios, positioning it as the quintessential upgrade for 3D printers striving for heightened filament extrusion velocities. By catering to voluminous print jobs or the demands of substantial nozzle diameters, the augmented power output maintains a steady thermal response, fostering uniform material conveyance and layering, while mitigating the risks associated with blockages or erratic extrusion patterns.

Note: Desktop 3D printers often come with preset safety mechanisms that should not be overridden. It is advisable to verify your printer's thermal capacity specifications to ensure compatibility with elevated temperature operations prior to endeavoring in high-temperature print sessions.

24V Heater Cartridge 12V Heater Cartridge
Power 50W 50W
Voltage 24V 12V
Connector Ferrule Leads Molex MicroFit 3.0 connectors
Wire Gauge 23 AWG 20 AWG
Cable Length 2 m 1.2 m (with extension cable)
Cartridge Type 321SS 321SS
Length 22 mm 22 mm
Socket Compatibility 6 mm (H7 tolerance) 6 mm (H7 tolerance)
Chamber Temperature Rating 200°C 200°C