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Convection Shield for Mosquito Magnum+®/Prime™

SKU: SE-Pt-ConvectionShield
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The Convection Shield for Mosquito Magnum+®/Prime™ is a formidable solution designed to combat convective heat loss in 3D printing. Crafted with precision-machined high-temperature aluminum, the Convection Shield offers unparalleled durability, exceptional resistance to wear, and precise temperature control, making it an indispensable asset for flawless high-speed 3D printing results.

Optimized Heat Management
Prevent external cooling of the hot block with our Convection Shield, ensuring precise temperature control during high-speed printing. Crafted from precision-machined high-temperature aluminum, it outperforms traditional silicone insulators in durability, eliminating the risk of drooping, falling off, or degrading over time. The thin air gap and ceramic washers minimize heat transfer, maintaining a stable and controlled printing environment.

Seamless Integration
The Convection Shield fits Mosquito Magnum+® and Prime™ Hotends with the integrated captive screw assembly, enhancing their performance with efficient part cooling and precise filament temperature control during high-speed printing. It is also compatible with RepRap-style nozzles featuring a 6 mm hex and lower, allowing easy integration into your existing setup for versatile printing capabilities.

Note: To change nozzles, the Convection Shield must be removed first.

Hotend Temperature Rating 500°C
Nozzle Compatibility 6 mm hex or smaller
Hotend Compatibility Mosquito Magnum+® or Prime™
Manufacturing Made in the USA