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Plastic Repellent Paint™ - Slice Engineering

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Plastic Repellent Paint™ (PRP) revolutionizes 3D printing by repelling plastic and preventing buildup on the nozzle, resulting in enhanced print quality with cleaner and more precise prints. With reduced maintenance and increased productivity, PRP simplifies printing, instilling confidence and allowing users to focus on their projects.

Maximize Productivity

Plastic Repellent Paint ensures enhanced print quality with cleaner and more precise prints by repelling plastic and preventing buildup. It saves valuable time by reducing maintenance and nozzle cleaning, leading to increased productivity. PRP simplifies maintenance, instills confidence, and lets users focus on their creative projects with peace of mind.

Hassle-Free Application

Our Plastic Repellent Paint is a water-based PTFE nanosuspension that prevents plastic from adhering to your nozzle and hot block. PRP is applied at room temperature with the included applicator; then, air dries in 60-90 seconds. Once heated, the solution cures to form a dry, transparent coating (rated to 290°C) that lowers the surface energy of the nozzle and prevents plastic buildup.

Temperature Rating 290°C
Solubility in Water Dispersible
Form Liquid
Color Milky White (Dries Clear)
Drying Time Air dries in 60-90 seconds
pH Level 9-10
Volume Options 3 mL or 45 mL
Included Applicator Yes
Manufacturing Made in the USA