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The V-Minion is a premium DIY kit for a small form factor Cartesian 3D printer, with big features. Unbeatable speed and rigidity for such a small package.


Whilst many printers feature an ever-increasing build volume, the most common FDM prints are small. A smaller build volume means less moving mass, leading to faster and better looking prints.


Utilizing 3060 extrusion for its frame, the V-Minion is extremely sturdy. This allows for faster printing with lower vibration, all leading to better looking prints.


The V-Minion features linear rails (MGN15H and MGN12C) on all 3 axes, providing smooth and quiet motion.


The V-Minion features EVA as its extruder and hotend carriage platform. This means you can use a huge list of extruder and hotend combinations, outside of the ones we supply. There are many options. The great thing about EVA is that it will keep your printer open to updating: every year new hotends and extruders are released by so many amazing manufacturers. How cool is it that you get to simply re-print your print head and add a new hotend or extruder?

EVA is a project developped by Paweł Kucmus, read more about EVA in the official EVA project page.


The V-Minion features a custom made, precision milled, 5mm bed plate designed for exceptional flatness and heat stability. Going one step further, we have worked directly with Keenovo, industry leaders in silicone heaters, to develop a bed heater which is both high performance, and safe due to its built-in thermal protection.


All of the V-Minion electronics fit into the specially designed case. It has been designed to house the power supply, a Raspberry Pi, as well as your printer mainboard, all whilst providing cooling via a built-in 40mm fan. The default design supports the BTT SKR2, BTT SKR Mini, BTT Octopus mainboards and the BTT SKRat V1.0. The side panels are CNC manufactured from 4mm Polycarbonate, making them incredibly strong, but can also be printed if you prefer.


The on-frame spool holder is designed to complement the V-Minion. Based upon the same 30 series extrusion as the rest of the printer, it keeps your filament close-by and makes moving the printer a breeze because the filament comes with you.


RatOS is developed by and in cooperation with Mikkel Schmidt especially for our printers. It combines the power of the Klipper firmware, as well as several other open-source projects, to provide a stable and easy-to-use operating system for all your printing needs.


This time around we have edged even closer to a real full kit. We have paid attention to every detail down to the last wire you will need to assemble the kit. We will still offer barebone sets for those wanting to use different configurations!


This bundle includes the Mechanical Kit, Electronics(motors, controller, hotend, extruder, probe, heater etc.), as well as the Electronics Case bundle and printed parts. No extra parts needed except your locally compatible IEC power cable and an SD Card for the Raspberry Pi. All printed parts included (machine and case).

Bundle Includes

  • Rat Rig V-Minion Mechanical Kit
  • BTT Octopus v1.1 
  • Bondtech LGX Lite Extruder
  • Phaetus Dragonfly BMO ST Hotend (Black / 24V)
  • LDO Nema17 Stepper Motor
  • Custom Keenovo Bed Heater (180W)
  • Energetic Flexplate (184 x 184mm)
  • Weho 350W 24V Power Supply
  • GDSTime double bearing fan (4010 axial and 5015 blower)
  • SuperPINDA inductive probe
  • Raspberry PI 3A+
  • Electronics case bundle
    • Pre-drilled polycarbondate side panels.
    • Fused IEC, connectors and pre-cut wires
    • Mounting hardware


The V-Minion has a comprehensive step-by-step build guide in both static and animated forms. Each section is broken down into easy to follow steps, detailing the parts needed and how to assemble them. A fully animated build video is also provided, should you wish to see exactly how each part is designed to fit together.


These images showcase 3D prints produced by V-Minion machines belonging to members of our community.

The V-Minion is an open-source project which is a result of countless hours of collaboration between our design team, the 3D printing community, and our beta team, all of whom share their knowledge freely to help push the 3D printing space forward as a whole. Being developed by using such a vast array of knowledge means that it is difficult to trace back any one idea, thus making attributions difficult at best. Regardless, we would like to acknowledge the following people and projects for their contribution to the V-Minion. They are as follows (in no particular order):

  • Paweł Kucmus
  • João Barros
  • Eduardo Oliveira
  • Tomasz Paluszkiewicz
  • Mikkel Schmidt
  • Antonios Antzoulatos
  • Detlev Meinhard Friedrich Rackow
  • Lukas Sinitsch
  • Márcio Pereira
  • Dennis Jespersen
  • Marc Marschall
  • David Menzel
  • Thomas Ret
  • Mihai Stanimir
  • Harald Wagener

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International

You may share, remix and mod the design. By default, you may not use the design and its derivatives for commercial purposes, but if you request a commercial license from us, we may (and most likely will) grant you one, as long as we deem your goals are aligned with the best interests of the project and its users.

The spirit of the project is to remove barriers to innovation and focus on pushing the technology, working as a collective, inspiring each other and experimenting with new ideas. We are happy to foster a rich ecosystem of suppliers and services that empowers users by offering them more options and alternatives.